The Origins of American Criminology

The Origins of American Criminology

Advances in Criminological Theory

Advances in Criminological Theory, Volume 16

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ISBN: 978-1-4128-1467-6
Pages: 433
Binding: Hardcover
Publication Date: 01-19-2011
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The Origins of American Criminology is an invaluable resource. Both separately and together, these essays capture the stories behind the invention of criminology’s major theoretical perspectives. They preserve information that otherwise would have been lost. There is urgency to embark on this reflective task given that the generation that defined the field for the past decades is heading into retirement. This fine volume insures that their life experiences will not be forgotten.

The volume shows criminology to be a human enterprise. Ideas are not driven primarily—and often not at all—by data. Theories are not invented solely as part of the scientific process; they are not inevitable. American criminology’s great theories most often precede the collection of data; they guide and produce empirical inquiry, not vice versa. Theoretical paradigms are shaped by a host of factors—scholars’ assumptions about the world drawn from their social constructs, disciplinary content and ideology, cognitive environments found in specific universities and the field’s scholarly networks, and, quirks in a person’s biography.

The volume demonstrates that humanity is what makes theory possible. Diverse experiences—when we were born, where we have lived, the unique trajectories of our personal life courses, the disciplines and academic places we have ended up—allow individual scholars to see the world differently.

Editorial Reviews

“A cavalcade of prominent and current names in criminology discusses theory from a nuanced perspective… In addition to the rather obvious value to teachers and students of theory, this volume also reveals some basic truths about academic and intellectual life, not the least of which is that intellectualism is an entirely human endeavor and does not occur in a sterile environment, but rather through the complex exercise of being human… Recommended.”

—F. E. Knowles, CHOICE

“[The Origins of American Criminology] offers considerable depth, providing a detailed history of many of the influential scholars and institutions that laid the foundations for modern criminology.”

—Amanda Geller, Social Service Review

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