Dehumanizing Christians

Dehumanizing Christians

Cultural Competition in a Multicultural World

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ISBN: 978-1-4128-5267-8
Pages: 146
Binding: Hardcover
Publication Date: 12-05-2013
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Right-wing authoritarianism has emerged as a social psychological theory to explain conservative political and religious movements. Such authoritarianism is said to be rooted in the willingness of individuals to support authority figures who seek to restrict civil and human rights. George Yancey investigates the effectiveness of right-wing authoritarianism and the social phenomenon it represents. He analyzes how authoritarians on both the right and the left sides of the sociopolitical spectrum dehumanize their opponents.

Yancey details earlier research on the phenomena of right-wing authoritarianism, asking whether its characteristics are inherently linked to religious and political conservatives. He presents his Christian dehumanization scale, and shows that those high in right-wing authoritarianism differ from those high in Christian dehumanization in one key aspect: they did not support authoritarian measures against conservative Christians.

Yancey argues that authoritarianism is a tool of a larger phenomenon of dehumanization. He notes that dehumanization is sometimes used by conservatives who wish to use authoritarian measures against political radicals. Dehumanization is also used by progressives who would like to use authoritarian measures against conservative Christians. Yancey paints a bold picture with troubling implications about our understanding of society; he also considers the possible public policy dimensions of his work.

Editorial Reviews

“Yancey, a professor of sociology, examines what he calls ‘right-wing authoritarianism,’ systematic societal use of power that causes people to submit to conservative values. The use of excessive power, according to Yancey, strongly correlates with the dehumanization of political opponents. Examining the Left in turn, Yancey discovers that conservative Christians in particular bear a disproportionate amount of dehumanizing rhetoric.”

The Secular Humanist Bulletin

“George Yancey's Dehumanizing Christians examines right-wing authoritarianism and its dehumanizing effects on Christians, considering how authoritarianism serves as a tool of the right-wing and progressives who would use it against conservative Christians. From methods both sides use to dehumanize their opponents to the existence and models of Christian dehumanizing actions, this is a powerful sociological survey that pinpoints actions of the left and right alike, considering the origins and actions of fear and loathing towards Christians.”

The Bookwatch

"No observer of history should be surprised by the Left’s hostility to religion.  From the French revolution on,  the political left has always striven to gain control over other people and impose on other people what the Left thinks is a good thing.  Yancey is careful and thorough."

— Dr. John Ray, formerly of the School of Sociology at the University of NSW in Sydney, Australia (retired)

“This book makes a compelling case for the existence of Christian dehumanization, and with it George Yancey continues leading the charge against this all-too-often accepted form of religious discrimination.”

—Bradley Wright, University of Connecticut

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Table of Contents

1    Introduction
2    Is Right-Wing Authoritarianism Incorrect?
3    Constructing the Christian Dehumanization Scale
4    Who Are Those That Dehumanize Christians?
5    Authoritarianism, Dehumanization, and Critical Thinking
6    Is Christian Dehumanization Merely a Version of Right-Wing Authoritarianism?
7    Where Do We Go from Here?