Social Science Quotations

Social Science Quotations

Who Said What, When, and Where

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ISBN: 978-0-7658-0720-5
Pages: 437
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: 09-19-2000


Social Science Quotations has been prepared to meet an evident, unmet need in the literature of the social sciences. Writings on the lives and theories of individual social scientists abound, but there has been no fully documented collection of memorable quotations from the social sciences as a whole. The frequent use of quotations in scientific as well as literary writings that are mere summaries or paraphrases typically fail to capture the full force of formulations that have made quotations memorable. This book of quotations invites the further reading or rereading of the original texts, beyond the quotations themselves.

Sills and Merton draw extensively upon the writings that constitute the historical core of the social sciences and social thought; those works with staying power often described as the "classical texts." Many quotations have been drawn from these classical texts because the quotations contain memorable ideas memorably expressed. Both consequential and memorable, these words have been quoted over the generations, entering into the collective memory of social scientists everywhere and at times diffusing into popular thought and into the vernacular as well.

This book is useful to social scientists, anthropologists, economists, historians, political scientists, psychiatrists, psychologists, sociologists and statisticians—and for all who want to learn or verify memorable formulations and phrases concerning social thought and social theories. It is particularly useful for graduate students taking courses that examine the history of their discipline.

Editorial Reviews

"Summum opus. A dazzling, momentous achievement. . . . Everything important that has been said in the social sciences will be found here."

 —Daniel Patrick Moynihan, former U.S. Senator from New York

"Comprehensive, authoritative, and thought-provoking, this is an invaluable reference work for the curious reader as well as for the specialist."

Justin Kaplan, general editor, Bartlett's Familiar Quotations.

"A treasure house of insight and wisdom, Social Science Quotations is also an altogether delightful book for browsing in the idle hours."

—Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., The City University of New York

"How wonderful that with Social Science Quotations our common discourse can reflect the insights of so many profound social thinkers."

—Betty Friedan

"In the life of the mind, the currency is ideas in the abstract and words in the concrete. This wonderful, generous compendium of the best words on the finest ideas of social thought is therefore the best of intellectual gold mines and stock exchanges. Eme, lege, fruere [Buy, read, and enjoy]."

—Stephen Jay Gould, Harvard University

"As an economic man I cheer when Social Science Quotations comes out in paperback. Now both home and office can afford a copy. Just another illustration that demand is elastic with respect to price."

—Paul A. Samuelson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

"What better combination than to browse and be instructed at the same time. These are the joys of Social Science Quotations and its precise scholarship, unexampled in books of quotations."

—Daniel Bell, Harvard University  

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