Sports, Peacebuilding and Ethics

Sports, Peacebuilding and Ethics

Peace and Policy, Volume 18

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ISBN: 978-1-4128-5388-0
Pages: 211
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: 02-04-2014
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As this latest volume in the Peace & Policy series shows, sports can be an effective mechanism for peacebuilding, especially when incorporated into conflict-resolution programs. Such programs have been designed to bring children together in post-conflict situations with an ultimate goal of reducing future violence. In examining such programs, the volume’s contributors ask key questions: "What are the programs achieving?" and "How are they measuring success?" Although such programs have by and large been successful, some issues need to be addressed if these programs are to hone their effectiveness.

Among the questions explored in the volume are: various aspects of culture and how they can help shape sports programs; the role of a coach in creating a culture of peace, and how this culture can fit into a peacebuilding process. Contributors also examine the role of sports in trauma relief programs in Rwanda; the role of universities in sports; and the role of sports in the demilitarization of child soldiers.

The last three contributors tackle some of the legitimate concerns raised about using sports for peacebuilding, such as sports being competitive, violent, and focused on winning. Contributors look carefully at these and other issues that have arisen in sports as a tool of conflict resolution, discuss why they have become concerns, and consider some possible ways to deal with these concerns in the future.

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Table of Contents


Introduction: Sports and Peacebuilding: Issues and Solutions,
by Linda M. Johnston 

            The Role of Sports in Peacebuilding

The Role of Sports in Peacebuilding,
by Claudia Stura and Linda M. Johnston 

            Various Aspects of Culture in Relation to Sports Programs

The Role of Sports Coaches in Creating Culture: A Dysfunctional Case,
by Kirk Smith 

Confl ict and Identifi cation of Asian Immigrants with Professional Sports Teams in the United States: Cultural Elasticity of American Sports,
by Ji-Ho Kim 

Coaching Women’s Softball in Iran: The Tale of One American’s Journey toward Peace and Understanding through Sports,
by Sarah J. Hillyer 

            Sports in Various Contexts

“Yoga Is Like Medicine”: Yoga as a Form of Trauma Relief in Rwanda,
by Niina Toroi 

Sports in the Psychological and Social Demobilization of Child Soldiers,
by Kim Fletcher and Peter St. Pierre 

The Role of Universities in Sport, Development, and Peace: The Case of the University of the Western Cape in South Africa,
by Marion Keim 

            Sports and Peacebuilding

Protection through Corporate Marketing in Professional Sports,
by M. Lee Brooks and Michael B. Shapiro 

The Backbone for Success: A Study of Factors Infl uencing the Team Cohesion of a Division I Volleyball Team,
by Claudia Stura 

Repairing the Human Spirit through Structured and Unstructured Sports Programs: The Core Values Worth Knowing Were Learned through Athletics and Beyond,
by Dr. H. E. “Doc” Holliday 

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