Rebuilding Cities from Medieval to Modern Times

Rebuilding Cities from Medieval to Modern Times

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ISBN: 978-0-202-36371-4
Pages: 393
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: 07-31-2010


Unique in the literature of planners, architects, and urban officials, Rebuilding Cities is a compendium and analysis of the achievements of city planning from the ""Ideal City"" of Palmanova in 1593 to the innovative achievements of planners and designers of the twentieth century. As such, it is vital reading for anyone concerned with the problem of rebuilding and revitalizing cities after disasters—either of a human or physical decimation.

Rebuilding Cities covers and includes medieval nuclei to urban sprawl; physical, economic, and social factors in planning; and the changing nature of components of cities incorporating elements from different periods in a single visual scheme. Also included are analysis of planning schemes from Indian and Greek visionaries; legislative and administrative changes needed for successful planning; the massive redevelopment that happened in London after World War Two; renewal schemes; and urban design and work throughout the world.

The remarkable clarity and thoroughness of the book and its abundant illustrations clearly demonstrate the successes and failures of planning schemes and lays a solid groundwork for intelligent assessment of the goals and practical possibilities of city planning. Teachers and students of planning and architecture, professionals actively engaged in the field, and all who visualize a truly civilized urban environment will find this book immensely helpful and satisfying.

Editorial Reviews

“This is a really important book for all those who are in any way interested in cities… [I]n the formidable task of transforming and building American cities, the American city-planner has much to learn from British philosophy and practice. This book is the answer to that need. It should be acquired by all who are in any way concerned with the build, building, and redevelopment cities.”

—Robert E. Dickinson, Economic Geography

“Professor Marshall’s excellent presentation may prepare the way for a reappraisal of current planning philosophy; it may even evoke a spirited response in the professional institutes and academic circles! His book is a worthy contribution and will justify detailed examination.”

—Michael Hugo-Brunt, Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians

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Table of Contents

Introduction by Lewis Mumford

Part One: 
1: The Historical Background of Growth
2: The Components of Planning
3: Visions and Designs

Part Two:
4: New Planning Legislation and Techniques
5: Comprehensive Development in London
6: Coventry
7: Rotterdam
8: The City of the Twenty-First Century
9: Work in Progress