Culture, Behavior, and Personality

Culture, Behavior, and Personality

An Introduction to the Comparative Study of Psychosocial Adaptation

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ISBN: 978-0-202-01168-4
Pages: 335
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: 12-31-1982
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Editorial Reviews

“[This book] is a landmark in the field dealing with relationships between culture and personality…. Culture, Behavior, and Personality: Contemporary Readings represents an interested and stimulating sampling of… studies by anthropologists and psychologists and psychiatrists in the field as defined by LeVine…. The book should be used in acquainting the student with some of the new trends in researching culture and personality relationships.”

—Louise S. Spindler, American Anthropologist

“LeVine demonstrates an amazing ability to synthesize and distill a wide variety of viewpoints. His contribution is a significant milestone in the attempt to develop a comprehensive interdisciplinary framework for future considerations of social structure and personality.”

—Lauren Langman, Contemporary Sociology

“This book is a valuable contribution to the study of culture and personality. The author succinctly organizes and synthesizes a diverse subject matter into a set of questions which require investigation, not only for the sake of developing the field of culture and personality, but also because these questions are important to understanding the psychosocial and adaptive issues of our time.”

—Berton H. Kaplan, American Scientist

“[G]ood writing… reflecting a logical, often brilliant, mind at work, a mind that weaves a complex, enduring pattern of ideas and research strategies drawn from at least half a dozen disciplines. The text is useful for all anthropological scholars, not just those studying psychological anthropology, for it offers ideas for solving a wide range of anthropological problems, including those of interest to medical and clinical anthropologists.”

—Ann McElroy, Medical Anthropology Quarterly

“Few students of culture and personality have combined so well the knowledge and skills required by this field of research. LeVine is able to draw upon his own field experience in Africa, on psychoanalytic training, and on the relevant literature in psychology and sociology as well as that of his own discipline, anthropology. This book will merit study by anyone with a general interest in the relationships between enduring dispositions of individuals and the social structures and cultures within which human development takes place.”

—John A. Clausen, Science

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