Transaction Distributed Publishers

Books from the following publishers are available in North America from Transaction.

Bridge21 Los Angeles, California (USA)
Bridge21 Publications identifies and internationalizes the highest quality research about East Asian culture, with special attention to greater China. The publisher acquires books in translation from Chinese and original English-language manuscripts in the social sciences and humanities, concentrating especially in the areas of anthropology, archaeology, the arts, philosophy, and religion.

Editions Scholasticae Frankfurt, Germany
Editions Scholasticae publishes books in Scholastic philosophy. Scholastic theology will be published only insofar as the philosophical foundations of theology are concerned.

Interdisciplinary Center (ICT) Herzliya, Israel
Publisher of many of the foremost thinkers in the fields of international relations and terrorism.

International Communication Organization (IKO) Germany
Publisher of scholarly works, principally in the areas of international development, education, and cross-cultural learning.

IWGIA Denmark
Founded in 1968 as a non-profit, politically independent organization, the International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs publishes books on indigenous issues worldwide.

The Netherlands Institute for Social Research The Hague, The Netherlands
The Netherlands Institute for Social Research supplies information and on the daily lives of the Dutch population; work, income, health, education, social security, housing, culture, how they spend their time, and their opinions on a whole range of subjects. The focus is on how government policy does or could influence these aspects of life. The Institute was founded to ensure that policy decisions are based on sound scientific knowledge.

Studien Verlag Innsbruck, Austria
Founded by Elfriede Sponring and Markus Hatzer in 1990, the Studienverlag is a growing forum for scientific discussions, controversial topics and interdisciplinary works. The publishing house focuses on the historical and cultural sciences as well as gender studies and paedagogics