Religion and Society

Series Description

Transaction Publishers’ series on Religion and Society examines religious influences on the shaping of many aspects of society, including marriage and family, politics, law, economics, associational activity, institutional life, and social mores. It proceeds from an awareness of the profound and central influence that religion has in shaping culture. It also explores the corresponding influence that social forces have on religious attitudes, practices, and institutions. The scholarly monographs and collections in the series include works from various academic disciplines, especially in the social sciences, and some are distinctly interdisciplinary. In the spirit of Aristotle, Tocqueville, Parsons, and others, the series recognizes the profound interconnection among the various elements of any society. Indeed, some of the works focus on the “big picture” of looking at religion and its intersection with many such elements, in the manner of Parsons’ macro-sociological approach. Others examine a particular area of the intersection of religion and society. In general, the series brings forth social science scholarship that attempts to interpret and explain this symbiotic relationship between religion and society.

Books in "Religion and Society" Series