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Transaction Publishers Appoints New Editor for
Advances in Criminological Theory Series

Piscataway, NJ—Transaction Publishers announces the appointment of renowned theorist Francis T. Cullen as a co-editor of its Advances in Criminological Theory series. Professor Cullen joins current editors William S. Laufer and Freda Adler, the dynamic team that has driven the series development for decades.

Professor Cullen is Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus of criminal justice and sociology at the University of Cincinnati, and past President of the American Society of Criminology and The Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. Since his dissertation dealing with deviance theory (written under the mentorship of Richard A. Cloward), he has published over three hundred works and has mentored a generation of scholars. He has critiqued extant theories and has challenged criminologists to formulate new paradigms.

“With the rapid growth of empirical research, there is an increasing need for criminologists to concentrate on the relationship between theory and research in order to understand the criminological universe,” said Freda Adler. “Frank brings an important perspective on contemporary issues to our series.”

“I look forward to helping the Advances series sustain its unique and consequential place within the criminological enterprise,” said Professor Cullen. “In particular, I hope to develop volumes that show the power and relevance of criminological theory.”

About the Advances in Criminological Theory Series

The Advances in Criminological Theory series is exclusively dedicated to the dissemination of original work on criminological theory. It was created to overcome the neglect of theory construction and validation in existing publications, as well as to further the free exchange of ideas, to broaden the discourse on traditional theories and to explore new insights that challenge old ways of explaining crime. The series ranges widely, covering theoretical growth from postulates to logically derived hypotheses to testing and analysis with particular emphasis on reformulations and new applications of existing paradigms.

To view titles available in the Advances in Criminological Theory series, visit www.transactionpub.com/act.